Baseboard Cleaning

Comes 5 pads in a box

Best pads in the industry

4 5/8″ x10″

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3M 8550 Hi-Pro DoodleBug Pad 10Ea/Pack This is the most aggressive pad in the 3M Doodlebug pad line. It is designed for heavy-duty maintenance and stripping applications. This pad must be attached to PN 8440 3M Doodlebug White Cleansing Pad. The 3M Doodlebug White Cleansing…

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4 5/8″x 10″x 1″, 5-Count Box

Order Single Pads Here

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Great for Baseboards

4 5/8″x 10″ x1″

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Great for baseboards

4 5/8″x 10″x 1″

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20-Count Package, 4″x 5.5″ Pads

Very Aggressive Pad, Removes dirt build-up
& old floor finish

Order Single Pads Here

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Very Aggressive 4″x5.5″ Pad
Removes dirt build-up & old floor finish
Available in 20-Count Pkg. Here

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Only Janilink has this product

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The Most Durable Floor/Baseboard Pad Holder 12″ No Handle – Perfect to clean hard-to-reach areas like baseboards, stairs, under the desk, etc – Made of highly durable plastic – Swivel to offer easy operation

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