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JL Mighty Magic Sponge Kit

Includes: 1x Mighty Magic Sponge, 1x Heavy Duty Tong, 1x Velcro Tie.
Keep one near you at all times for immediate use.


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[PRE-ORDER ONLY: Next shipment will begin early January 2021]
Due to the situation with COVID19, there has been a pause of this product in production. We have limited number of this product available now. If you wish to order this product, please contact us at 770-216-9977 for availability and further instructions. We are very sorry for any inconvenience.

Premium 500 PSI Carpet Extractor Machine with 3 Vac Motors, 2 Heats, Hose, Wand and Essential Tools Included

  • Best selling product over 10 years(JaniLink guarantees its quality)
  • Powerful three 2-stage vacuum motors : total 6 stages
  • 228 inch of water lifting power (19ft) : Almost Truck Mount Power, but it’s portable!
  • Two water heaters, heats up very fast and adds even more cleaning power
  • Event Promotion : Now it Comes with $200 Worth Essential Tools
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xtra strength, all purpose cleaner, powerful degreaser, for professional use.


2011 Top seller #1


Floor and Wall Cleaner by Pressure Washer or by Low Speed Buffer.

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xtra strength, all purpose cleaner, powerful degreaser, for professional use.

Highly concentrated, fast acting general purpose cleaner-degreaser

Floor and Wall Cleaner by Pressure Washer or by Low Speed Buffer.

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$289.00 $239.00

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  9″ Cobweb Duster Head Blue Item # 152500H Perfect for dusting walls, ceiling, vents and blinds; soft flagged filament for thorough cleaning Can be used with Metal Telescoping handle 9″ Polypropylene Duster BLUE (#152500P) Sold Seperately Click on the Handle Click Here For Telescopic…

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1 Gallon- Oxidizing Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Degreaser and Sanitizer (for Non-Food Contact Surfaces)

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$258.25 $136.64
$258.25 $136.64

12 Lb Commercial

12″ Wide Path

5amp Motor

120 CMF/78db

Click Here To Order Replacement Parts

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$348.86 $184.58
$348.86 $184.58

7amp Motor

#1 Commercial Vac

Stainless Roller Bar

120 CMF/79db

Click Here To Order Replacement Parts

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– Use for Daily Cleaning to enhance floors shine.

– Pleasant Fragrance

– Will not dull Waxed floors!

– Safe for Waxed floors, will not dull shine!

– As safe to use as a water

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  Need MSDS? Click Here   ‘

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Removes, scum, grime, urine, yellow stains, and build up of all kinds from the toilet bowl. In addition, it kills many different germs and bacteria, keeping people safe. This is Among the best acid bowl cleaners that we sell!This product is perfect for those Disgusting Gas station bathrooms!

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