JL Premium I Heated 500 PSI Carpet Extractor w/ Hose & Wand

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Janilink EXCLUSIVE 3-MOTOR Carpet Extractor Machine! Extremely Powerful!


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Premium 500 PSI Carpet Extractor Machine with 3 Vac Motors,
2 Heats, Hose, Wand and Essential Tools Included

  • Top-selling item for a decade, backed by JaniLink’s quality assurance.
  • Powerful THREE 2-stage vacuum motors : total 6 stages
  • 228 inch of water lifting power (19ft) : Almost Truck Mount Power, but it’s portable!
  • Dual water heaters, rapidly heating water for enhanced cleaning potency.
  • Event Promotion : Now it Comes with $200 Worth Essential Tools

Dries Faster and picks up more dirt with 3 powerful vacuums. 3 Vacuums with 2 stages each Motor. Unique design features three vacuum motors. This Carpet extractor is quiet, strong, and dependable workhorse. This Janilink carpet extractor's components are powerful enough to clean any room size with three 2 stage high performance motor giving you a very high cfm of 228inch of lift, 500 PSI pump and 11 gallon solution tank paired with a 13 gallon recovery tank. Three powerful vacuum motors provide an amazing 228inch of water lift! Competitors weaker motors provide less power.

What If I Have Vacuum Trouble? Dealing with a machine failing on the job is a nightmare, and a worst case scenario for any cleaning company. Your job, and perhaps your reputation are on the line! This is a powerful reason to choose a Janilink 500 PSI carpet extractor for your business. Each of the three vacuum motors are powered via separate switches. If one of the motors fails or experiences trouble you can easily turn it off, and finish the job without the customer being the wiser! Don't allow your business to be at the mercy of your machines maintenance schedule. Janilink machines give you peace of mind! You will be able to finish your work, and take care of any issues on your own schedule. This also means that if you find yourself in a situation where available power is limited you will still be able to power your way through! Maybe you are in an old house and you only have 15 amp circuits available. Maybe the only plug nearby is also running a fridge. Maybe the building is wired in an odd way and you can't get to a second circuit. You need to be able to do your job, without flipping the sites breakers constantly. With Janilink's 500 PSI machine you will still be able to finish the work! Simply select with machine components to turn on so that you can limit the amount of power that you are drawing avoiding the hassle of tripping breakers. Almost Truck-Mount Power!!
Dissolve more stain and dirt with two powerful heaters. 2 Water Heaters heats the water to 210degree F. 2 Powerful 1000 Watt Water heaters. They can be turned on/off individually. As issue with one heater will not affect the others. Hot water acts are the perfect booster, increasing your cleaning power for many kinds of stains including many food and petroleum based stains. Heater dissolves though stains then Removes with the machine! To help you understand we took 2 heaters from inside of the machine. This is the actual image of inside, Both heaters are installed in such a way as to be safe from water or external damage.
Destroys dirt and stain with high 500 PSI. About 500 PSI Pump. This powerful 500 PSI pump is versatile, and can meet your every need. Because it's adjustable you can use it for virtually every situation. Turn it all the way up to 500 and prepared to blast away your toughest stains! Or turn it down to a lower setting to pamper the most delicate carpet. Either way the pump provides sufficient flow through so that you will be able to fully utilize the included 2-jet wand.

Perfect Wand 2 Jet Versitile applys the machines maximum power at more angles. World's Very First Patent Self-Adjusting Auto Seal Wand. Maximize suction power at more angles. Even at different angles or operator heights! Useful on a variety of floor types. Not only carpet, tile and also concrete floor! Light Weight but Durable. JL500 PSI Wand. Maximum Suction when held at different angles and/or different types of floors. Lift more than 10 Lbs. of steel plates. Many other great benefits.

25ft long Solution & Vacuum Hose. long hose. ONLY JANILINK, 25ft. others give only 20ft or under. We tested 75ft of hose and did not loose any suction power. Solution & Vacuum Hose elongates to the length of 25' for Greater Working Coverage with Strong Power ( NOT 15' )How to Clean Spots first on the carpet? Step 1, Find stains. Step 2, Mix one to five parts of water and 007 Bottle Holster on the back side of belt. Step 3, Spray the stains of carpet with mixed Desolv All. Step 4, Scrub bust stain system with proper speed. Step 5, Pick up stains and dirts with 4 inch universal detail tool. Also clean all stairs, sofas, chairs, Partitions with this.
How to Transport? Simple with JL Portable Single Fold Ramp 6'. The JL portable single fold Ramp makes loading easy and helps eliminate the risk of injuries from lifting heavy equipment. This Ramp can take up to 1600 lbs of weight. Making it easier to load heavy machinery inside of utility vehicles or even up a set of stairs. This ramp is easy to carry with its heavy duty handle, and weighing only 33 lbs.This ramp has ridge on the surfaces that make the ramp have additional traction, even if its wet.High traction surface, Up to 60 degree. Durable build (Can hold up to 600 lbs). Easy to carry and setup.
JANILINK is always with you. ENJOY Your Job with perfect system. Once your job is done rinse your solution and recovery tank with clean water and drain to ensure optimum performance and longer life of your machine! Please contact us if you need any information about this product.

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Weight183 lbs
Dimensions40 × 32 × 48 in
Choose 4" Detail Tool

Clear View(Free), Enhanced Metal(Add $70)

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