Chemicals for Surfaces

Counters, Stairs Etc. (Stone)

Crystallizer specially formulated for vitrifying big surfaces

  • Terrazzo, limestone, and marble crystallizer specially formulated for vitrifying big
  • It provides the pavement with the needed waterproofing and hardness for high
    traffic resistance.
  • It neither slides nor marks footprints.
  • Easy to use
  • Extends life of polished stones
  • Greatly reduces the need for restoration
  • Requires much less time as compared to traditional strip and finish methods
  • Gives a mirror-like polish
  • Produces a harder more wear-resistant surface
  • Improved stain resistance
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A Fast & Easy way to Buff or Polish Stone Floors.

Produces an excellent shine or your Money Back!

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2010 Top Seller #1

Fast & Easy way to Buff or Polish Stone Floors.

Produces an excellent shine or your Money Back!

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Marble Polish and Cleaner

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Marble Cleaning or Polishing Chemicals MADE IN ITALY You can trust Bellinzoni Products 100% WHY? Marble usage started in Italy from ancient era

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Strong Marble Cleaner

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Reduced toxicity mineral deposit, hard water and soap scum remover

Biodegradable and non-fuming

Clean tile, grout, stainless steel, toilet bowls, aluminum, copper, concrete, porcelain, brick, glass and fiberglass

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621004 LT

Marble Cleaning or Polishing Chemicals MADE IN ITALYYou can trust Bellinzoni Products 100% WHY? Marble usage started in Italy from ancient eraTRY ONE TODAY. You will NEVER regret!!! We guarantee it, with our 30-plus years of experience in cleaning supply industry

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♥ Stain Remover for Marble, Granite and other Natural Stones

♥ Organic Stains (i.e coffee, tea, sodas, gravy, mustard, etc.)

♥ Inorganic Stains (i.e ink, color dye, dirt, etc.)

♥ Oily Stains (i.e butter, margarine, motor oil, etc.)

♥ Set of 2 bottles

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    Need MSDS? Click Here

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Instantly removes mold mildew & fungus from polished stone surfaces.

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Very Strong! AMAZING RESULT!!!



No machine required when stripping under Table or Countertop.

Using just hand pad or brush
“No Rinse” Stripper

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In One Step, This Product Polishes! Try 1 Can and See For Yourself!

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