JL Multi-Function 17″ CHROME

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Janilink Multi-Function 17″ Chrome


The JL Multi-Function floor buffer is a versatile, powerful, commercial grade floor machine. With a 1.5 horsepower electric motor, this machine is the ideal for Buffing, burnishing, stripping, bonneting scrubbing, or sanding on all types of floors wide open or small. With a removable pad driver cover, it can work in areas as small as 12 inches. Constructed out of steel parts and a long lasting motor, this machine is built to last, and comes with a 5 year warranty!

Design and functionality

This commercial grade floor buffer can be reduced to sizes as small as 12″, allowing this machine to fit in tight spots where other floor buffers can’t by simply removing its pad cover. This makes makes our machine more versatile than others because of its adaptability and ability to work in more areas. In addition, this machine has wider handle bars than other machines resulting in less fatigue over long periods of use.

Powerful and versatile

Powerful 1.5 Electric motor makes this machine suitable for any floor job! with 1.5 horsepower, this machine can even do marble grinding, concrete grinding, carpet bonneting, floor scrubbing, sanding, and even some floor polishing all while getting the job done fast! A machine with only a 0.5 HP or 1 HP motor simply doesn’t have enough power for carpet bonneting or stone diamond grinding.

With a carpet bonnet pad, these machines can be used for carpet cleaning.

Click here for carpet bonnet pads and brushes

With a rotary brush, this machine can also be used for floor scrubbing floors such as VCT, concrete, tile and more.

Click here for floor buffer rotary brushes

Using Concrete Grinding pads, this floor machine can grind concrete floors!

Click here for concrete grinding pads and accessories

Diamond pads can attached to this machine as well, allowing you to clean grind and polish marble.

This Machine can even sand and buff wooden floors, provided that you have a sanding pad.

Premium heavy duty construction for a bargain!

This machine can withstand all forms of punishment, because its constructed out of high quality steel parts. Not only is it a higher quality build from other floor buffers, it still offers a better price. Here we compare a JL floor buffer(left) to a common floor buffer (right).

5 year warranty!

Our High Speed Floor Buffers are built to last as it is constructed of high quality steel. We’ve sold thousands of our JL Premium 17″ Floor Machines over the past 30 Years. We haven’t had any mechanical issues with these machines. That’s why we are able to offer a 5 year warranty for our Janilink yellow floor machines. You can use this 17″ Multi-function High Speed Floor Buffer for many years with peace of mind because it’s built with steel parts in the USA, NOT inferior plastic or cast iron ones from other countries.

This Special Janilink Exclusive offer includes 2 free items! 1 gallon of our best Stripper, Bulldozer II and a pad driver. An $85 value, absolutely free!

Click Here for Bulldozer II ($14.89)
Click Here for JL Pad Driver 19″($69.79)

Think about all the new jobs you will be able to accept with this versatile machine ! ! !Stripping, polishing, scrubbing, cleaning, carpet bonnet cleaning, tile grout cleaning, wood sanding, concrete grinding, baseboard cleaning, tile floors, wood floors. Janilink’s floor machine can adjust from 17″ all the way down to 11″ for those narrow spaces.ONLY JANILINK’S 17″ MULTI-FUNCTION LOW SPEED FLOOR BUFFER HAS THE CAPABILITIES TO ADAPT TO THE DIFFERENT NEEDS OF EACH JOB. FOR THIS SIMPLE REASON, IT WILL SAVE YOU TIME, AND MONEY!


Power1.5 horsepower
Amp draw11.4 amps
power source115v 60Hz
Cord Length50′
driver width17in.
weight104 lbs
shipping weight139 lbs
colorChrome & Black
Warranty5 years
Weight137.00 lbs
Dimensions32 × 32 × 50 in
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