JL Dustal – Screw On Wall Duster, Ceiling Duster 3 Section Extension Blue

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Dustal. Sensational Cobweb/ Wall Dust Clean with Dust Mop Treatment like magnetic! Reusable! Reusable! for long, long... time~Easy removing dust! Easy accessibility! Excellent cleaningGiveaway while supplies! lasts with CRAZY price!Dustal is specially designed by Janilink for cleaning dry dust at the ceiling. It has higher density than other products and is specially designed to get rid of dry dust efficiently!

Step 1. Find any dusts?
Step 2. Basic cleaning dry dust.Step 3. Too much Dust ? Take the DUST MOP TREATMENT. Dust Mop Treatment (Water Based)You can clean up to the corner with a 360 degree rotating head.It is possible to use Dustal conveniently.The length of the can be adjusted to suit the desired height.Dirty fast? Wash it with mop buck in the water. Easy to reuse. It is also possible to clean the space that can not be easily cleaned.Details. 1. Excellent durability without rust2. Take a part use Dustal like short dusters3. Flexible Dustal4. Dense and many fibersJL Dust Mop Treatment (Water Based). This water based dust mop treatment penetrates deeply into rugs, dust cloths, mops and brooms. It attracts dirt and dust and converts it to a heavy lint that can be easily shaken out or machine washed. Use of Dust mop treatment replaces sweeping compounds and eliminates the dust created when using a push broom. Leaves surfaces shiny without the presence of silicones or waxes, or the slippery coatings they leave behind. Can also be used as a felt or dressing on air conditioning filters to prevent pollen and germ-laden dust from entering rooms.


This commercial synthetic duster comes with a 3 piece telescoping handle that can contracts as short as 28″ ( 2ft, 4 in)
and can extend as far as 72″ (6ft). The handle is a standard threaded handle so it can be used with other tools like window squeegees or other duster heads. The Duster head is a special one, the head can bend making it easier to clean on top of high objects or clean normally inaccessible areas. With the duster head added to the telescoping wand there’s nothing you can’t reach with a total length of 73″ (7ft 9in). The synthetic duster and be easily and removed and washed if need be.

  • 73″ reaching length
  • Easy to remove dust head for washing.
  • Flexible dusting head can dust and clean areas that are normally deemed inaccessible.
  • The flex locking dusting head is excellent for cleaning difference surfaces and hard to reach areas. Without this design, cleaning horizontal surfaces with a long handle is not very effective because the duster is usually angled vertically to reach those high up areas, and cannot bend and come in contact with horizontal surfaces.


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