JL E24 CYLINDRICAL Traction Drive 24″



Solution tank size:19 Gal

Power source:Battery

1 year warranty

Great for Tile & Stripping Floors ! !

In stock

24" Cylindrical Janilink Battery - E24
Walk-Behind Floor Auto Scrubber-Traction Drive

The Most Desired in

    Commercial Cleaning Equipment

  Advance in technology

  New green cleaning

The E24 covers 24,000 ft2 /hr ( 2,230 m2)

On-board charger is convenient and allows

the machine

  to be charged anywhere

Sound Level <= 70dBs

Low brush deck design is ideal for cleaningunderneath obstacles

Compact size makes automatic


convenient even

  in tight spaces



 Cleaning Path 24 in (60 cm) Squeegee width 35.4 in (90 cm)
 Theoretical productivity 24,000 ft2 / hr

(2,230 m2)

 Working speed 2.3 mph

(3.7 km per hr)

 Transport speed 3 mph (4.8 km per hr) Rated voltage 24 volts
 Vacuum flow 65 cfm (110 m3/hr) Vacuum waterlift

 65 inches (162 mbar)

 Vacuum power .86 HP (640 W) Brush type Cylindrical
 Brush motor(s) power 1 HP (2) Number of brushes 2
 Brush RPM 850 RPM Solution capacity 19 Gal (72 liters)
 Recovery capacity 19.5 Gal (74 liters) Weight with batteries 787 lbs (357 kg)
 Weight w/o batteries 346 lbs (157 kg) Dimensions (LxWxH) 68 x 79 x 53.4

(173 x 200 x 136cm)

Drive motor power . 42 HP (313 W) 

* Specifications are subject to change without notice.   
 Sleek design provides an excellent line of

sight to the area that needs to be cleaned

 Flow-optimized recovery tanks with Anti-

Foam System (AFS) protects the vacuum motor

from damage

 Easy-to-understand controls ensure

that the machine is simple to operate

 The compact design results in total operator

comfort by focusing on ergonomics

 For safety, when the on-board charger is

plugged in, the machine is not operable

 Adjustable handle and ergonomic hand bails

offer superior handling of the machine

 Both models feature 12 gallon solution tanks

and 13 gallon recovery tanks

 Squeegees are designed so that no operator

adjustment is necessary

 Small, compact size makes automatic

scrubbing convenient even in tight spaces

 Brush loading/unloading is as easy as the turn

of a switch. The operator never has to

manually remove the brushes

 On-board charger is convenient and allows

the machine?to be charged anywhere

 Parabolic squeegee with four-sided blade will

soon be available - standard on Traction Drive

and optional on Brush Drive

 Janilink provides

machines that are designed for optimum

performance and requires minimal

operator training





Hospitality  Healthcare Institutional Airport
Industrial  Building Service Contractor
Floor Pads & Brushes 
  [Floor Pad] [Rotary Floor Brush] [Pad Driver] [Stripping Shoes / Doodle Bug Pads]

Floor Cleaning Chemicals 
  [Neutral Cleaners] [Spray Buff] [Industrial Floor Cleaners] [Stripper]

Wax / Sealers & Wax Systems 
  [Wax] [Sealers] [Wax Systems]

Scrapers / Cutters 
  [Scrapers / Cutters] 

Wet Floor Signs 
  [Wet Floor Signs]

Green products are those that have less of an impact on the environment or are less detrimental to human health that traditional equivalents. Green products might, typically, be formed or part-formed from recycled components, be manufactured in a more energy-conservative way, or be supplied to the market with less packaging (or all three).

Janilink Inc. Is striving to become the leader in eco friendly products. We take pride in being recognized as the #1 company for QUALITY, PRICE and SERVICE.

TIP: When scrubbing extremely dirty floors, operate the machine with vaccum motor off and squeege blade up to allow chemicals to penatrate dirty surfaces. After thoroughly scrubbing floor, then pick up solution.

Weight450 lbs
Dimensions70 × 48 × 42 in
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