JL 18″ Microfiber Flat Mop Frame and Extendable Handle Kit

SKU: 221771B-KIT18

$24.99 $19.94

Sensational JL mop system. FAST mopping with. FAST remowing stains. GREAT wax applicator.
Giveaway while supplies, lasts with CRAZY price.
Great for everything!
Great for Wide Area and Small!
Found any stains? Just mop as you used to do. Light stain will be removed easily. Still need more job? Stain is tough!
I just want to get rid of dry dust! What is Dry Dust Mop? Dry Dust Pad is specially designed by Janilink for cleaning dry dust on the floor. It has higher density microfiber than wet mop and is specially designed to get rid of dry dust efficiently! step.01 Basic cleaning dry dust. step.02 Too much dust? Take the MAGIC duster.
ALL IN ONE PAD(Included) DRY & WET / Wax Applicator Pad ( All in One ). Collect dust and dirt easily with this microfiber flat mop pad. It removes debris better than convention mop cleaning methods. This mop pad can also be laundered hundreds of times. Use the flat mop on any hard surface floors free of streaks. Thanks to its flat shape, this mop dries very quickly for better absorbency performance. These flat mop pads are the ideal choice for waxing floors. Its rectangular shape allows it to work right up against baseboards and corners. Provides optimal wet mopping performance suitable for most cleaning situations. quickly cover a large are with its 21 inch mopping path. 1. Faster and more effective than conventional mops 2. Dries Faster than conventional mops 3. Excellent tool for waxing floors 4. Easy to Wash
JL Microfiber Flatmop Cleans evenly and More widely. Even & Wider. Narrow & Uneven. Adjustable pinch for various size of rags. Use any rags. Works great with JL Dust Cloth Yellow. Acts like magnet !!
Isn't perfect cleaning system?! NO? What about perma stains? Use JL Scraper.

Try our JL Dust Cloth
along with the JL Flat Mop. Janilink Yellow Dust Cloths are Economical and The Best Way To Dust High Hard To Reach Places, works as a dust magnet, Reducing Falling Dust! Essential to every cleaning crew. They can be used in almost every situation you may come across. They are better than a regular paper towel because they are thicker and wont rip after multiple uses.

Weight10.00 lbs
Dimensions72 × 18 × 10 in
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