MRP Marble Restoration Paste

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An advanced compound for all polished marble, limestone, and terrazzo. MRP™ easily removes light scratches from the surface and creates a true dazzlign polish on even difficult-to-polish marble surface(such as green of black marble). This product works on wom marble surfaces and those that have not responded to othe marble polishing compounds or crystallizers. MRP does not require the use of weighted marble equipment and in many cases reduces the need for costly diamond honing.


  • Produces a high degree of light reflection
  • Produces a high gloss quickly
  • Removes light scratches and traffic wear easily
  • Does not leave acid burns or etch surfaces


Surface Preparation Surface must be clean and dry. On floor surfaces, make sure all waxes. floor finish or other coatings are removed. If there is a coation on the floor, use INFORCER Heavy Duty Stripper for removal. Wash floor using HURRICANE Intensive Stone Cleaner to remove any remaining soil from surface.

Application You may use a conventional speed floor machine(175 RPM) with a red pad and floor squeegee. an automatic scrubber may also be used. Place 6tablespoons(3oz.) product on the floor in a circle. Sjpray 2-3 trigger pulls of water from a spray bottle onto the work an area of approx. size(0.84 square meters). Place the floor machine with a red pad onto the mixture and begin to polish in a slow, side-to-side motion. Make 4complete passes and inspect the results. If satisfactory, move to the next area. If not make more passes. Count passes and make the same number of passes over the entire floor. Add more paste and water as needed. After polishing an area of approximately 25 square feet at 1:10 to remove any slurry.



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Weight13 lbs
Dimensions11 × 11 × 11 in
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