Bone Dry Encapsulation GAL

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Low Moisture Encapsulation Carpet Cleaner

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Bone Dry Encapsulation – 1 GAL

Bone Dry is a highly effective low moisture cleaner for carpet and rugs including 5th generation nylon. This product is highly effective in hot or cold water and contains emulsifiers that break down dirt, grease, oil, food residue and “wicked back” stains. Bone Dry contains special polymers that engulf and encapsulate dirt, detergent residue and other soils then dries to a brittle non sticky crystal. The crystal and entrapped soils are easily removed by routine vacuuming.

For cleaning, dilute one part Bone Dry with 10 parts of water. Cleaning solution may be applied with a pump up sprayer or traditional shampoo shower feed. Agitate the carpet using a low speed floor machine with shampoo brush or a white rubberized floor buffing pad or any other comparable rotating brush (Pay attention to carpet manufacturers general cleaning guidelines to retain carpet quality and any warranty in effect). Carpet will normally dry within 30 minutes. Wait at least overnight before vacuuming allowing adequate tine for the polymers to fully cure and harden. Bone Dry may also be used as a spotter when dilute 1:15 with water.


  • Dry to a crystalline solid
  • Quickly breaks down stubborn dirt, grease, and oil
  • Low moisture, carpet are back in service quickly
  • Prevents fiber resoiling from sticky residues
  • Prevents “wick back” of spots
  • Safe on 5th generation carpets

  • Need MSDS? Click Here

    This screw on spout allows for easy pouring and reduces spillage when attached to gallon bottles.

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