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Public Restroom Cleaning
Here is a small guide that shows what is needed when cleaning kitchens. 1. The Basic section includes the bare minimum for cleaning a bathroom correctly. Includes a bowl cleaner, bowl mop and ajax stain removing powder. 2. Advanced section includes a more powerful cleaners and better cleaning tools. Creme is also included, an excellent general purpose cleaner
Bowl Brushes From Bowl Mops to commercial grade scrubbing brushes, these accessories are essential to keeping any bathroom dirt and grime free.

Bowl CleanersStrong Bowl cleaners are very powerful cleaning chemicals. They destroy bacteria and even diseases as well. These cleaners not only ensure a pleasant Restroom environment, but also a very safe on as well.

Powdered CleanersTired of spilling liquid cleaners all over the place? Try our selection of dry/powdered bleach and cleaning chemicals. Easy clean with, without the spillage or overwhelming odor

Special CleanersThese products specialize in cleaning specific surfaces, and help remove stains and odors and germs. These Chemicals are ideal for tiled surfaces, tile grout, bath tubs, sinks, and bathroom fixtures.
Latex Gloves These glove are a must when using powerful cleaning chemicals such as our bowl cleaners. Protects your skin from the chemicals in use or the germs that may lurk in the area to be cleaned.

Urinal Cakes and Screens Aside from regular cleaning, Keeping a bathroom smelling clean is a 24/7 job. Its important that these new odors are contained 24/7 as well. That what the urinal cakes help do. The urinal screens reduce urine from splashing. Splashing means more urine spread and extra work!

Powdered Cleaners These products are a very important addition to the public bathroom, the mats keep the floor from getting wet with urine and the germs that could lurk are killed by these special mats when the come in contact with it. In addition, it keeps peoples feet from tracking urine to other floors in the building or business.

Air Freshener/odor control Metered air fresheners and other odor control methods are essential. Wiping down surfaces and cleaning toilet bowls are not enough, the bathroom is constantly being using and needs air fresheners to keep the bathroom fresh in public restrooms at all times. The public bathroom is extremely high maintenance

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