Nova Premium Marble Pad 120 GRIT 3.5" EA

120 Grit, 3.5" Nova Premium Marble Diamond Pads
Why Are Janilink Pads Curved? Most marble floors are uneven due to poor installation or temperature problems. Janilink marble pads are curved to protect your marble slate, and to prevent the pads from breaking, leaving your marble floors even, avoiding lippage problems.

3.5" Nova Premium Marble Diamond Pads Available in These Other Grits

#50 Grit

#120 Grit

#220 Grit

#400 Grit

#800 Grit

#1500 Grit

#3000 Grit
All Marble Floors Look even, but Not always true. Many floors have lippage.
Lippage may not only affect the look of your flooring, it is a potential tripping hazard and damage and break floor pads.
Janilink Premium floor pads have a curved edge. This convexed design is Very helpful making lippage no problem!.
Lippage can break pads without the convex design of Janilink premium diamond floor pads.