Procyon Tile, Grout & Stone Cleaner GAL

-No Toxic or Hazardous Acids or Butyls!
-No Sticky soap or Detergent Residues!
-Removes Years of Soil Build-up!
-Will Not Damage or Etch Tile!!

-User Safe!
-Absolutely Odorless!
-Superior Cleaning Results!
PROCYON Tile, Grout & Stone Cleaner is the most advanced
and effective cleaner of its type available on the market.
Not only does it guarantee you extraodinary
cleaning results, it is also totally safe!
•Soap & Detergent Free •Odor Free •Nontoxic •Hypoallergenic
•NO VOC's •No Enzymes •No Bacteria •No Bleach
•No Toxic Oxidizing or Reducing Agents

Cuts through the toughest soil build-up! An excellent restorative cleaning product that will
remove years of soil residue from tile, grout or stone surfaces. Not only restores hard floors
but can be used to maintain them on a daily basis as well. Effectively breaks down and removes old grease, oil, soap, dirt, scum, hard water deposits, mold and mildew residues, etc.from a wide variety of tile, grout and stone surfaces.

PROCYON Tile, Grout & Stone Cleaner will provide you with excellent cleaning results on tile floors, showers, bathrooms, kitchens, clay tile, pool tile, fine stone, marble, slate, granite, flagstone, Terrazzo, brick and ultra safety & non-skid floors. It will even clean the bottom of ponds, fountains or pools-anywhere there is slime build-up.

Mix with hot or cold water and enjoy the enormouscost savings with an exceptional dilution ratio of 1:8 - 1:64. Can be used for manual small area cleaning applications such as with a rotary scrubber, as well as in machines such as auto-scrubbers/scrubber-driers for large surface cleaning.