Sanitaire SC679J

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Sanitaire SC 679J Vacuum
The Best for Everyday Use
  • Perfect for Everyday Vacuuming
  • Very User Friendly
  • Very Light Weight
  • Gentle on Your Back and Arms
  • Easy to Make Turns on Thick Carpet Floor

  • This 12 lb. upright features a shake-out bag system for a quick and cost-effective way to keep your carpet clean and beautiful.

  • However, you can still use a zipper bag with disposable paper bag at your convenience.

Power 5 amp Cord Length 30'
Filtration Standard Tools N/A

Shake-Out Bag or Zipper Bag

Hose N/A
Dust Capacity 18 dry qts. Motor CFM 120
Cleaning Path 12'' dB per ASTM 78
Brushroll: True Balance, Dbl. Ball Bearing Weight: 12.2Lbs.

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