Our concentrated cleaning chemicals are VERY strong,
recommended to use gloves
Impact Plus GAL
  • Highly concentrated

  • Fast acting general purpose cleaner

  • Use for:
  • Parts Degreasing,
  • Non soft metal Grease,
  • Hood Vents(Restaurants)
  • Floors(Non waxed vinyl Tile)
  • Stone Tile & Grout(Non marble)
  • Machinery(Non aluminum)
  • Ovens
  • Floor finish scrub & Re-coat
  • and Tire Sidewalls
  • Great Product!!
    Impact Plus is highly concentrated fast acting general purpose cleaner-degreaser. it should be diluted for use as directed depending on soil conditions. Impact Plues is designed to solubilize both fatty and petroleum oils, impact Plus is used in industrial manufacturing, commercial restaurants, contract cleaning, automotive degreasing, and food processing plants.

    Directions for use
    1:2 dilution for heavy grease deposits such as ovens, deep fat fryers, and ducts over oven.
    1:5-1:10 dilution fir moderately soiled areas, also collar stains on clothes.
    1:15 dilution to clean greasy spots in carpeting, black heel marks, on flooring, white sidewall tires, and vinyl upholstery.
    1:40 dilution for light cleaning, and laundry for dry cleaning.