Boraxo Orange Toolbox Size Bottle Heavy Duty $0.00

Toolbox-Size Bottle Heavy-Duty Hand Cleaner

-Polymeric skin conditioning system
  helps protect dry skin

-Boraxo® dispenser adjustable dose rate
  reduces soap cost by up to 40%
-Readily biodegradable and safe for aquatic life
-No bag-in-box packaging

Two-in-one formula cleans and conditions. Formulated with patented natural cornmeal scrubbers and orange oil for deep cleaning. Removes tough grease, grime, ink, tar, paints and more from dirty hands. Special Dry Skin Formula with a polymeric skin conditioning system to help keep skin from drying out. Contains Borax, a natural cleanser that helps remove stains while deodorizing malodors. Light citrus scent. Meets the criteria for GS-41B: biodegradable, recyclable packaging, contains no phosphates. Environmentally conscious. 12 Bottles per Case 6-oz. Bottle