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Concrete & Terrazzo Care
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Cleaning Very Dirty Concrete/Terrazzo Floors
5 steps for Getting Ultimate Shine on Concrete or Terrazzo Floors.
Start with Janilink's
Klenztone 1.
KLENZTONE 1 is a highly concentrated, fast acting general purpose cleaner-degreaser.
Use Armadillo Concrete Pads
to prep the surface of the floor and clean very dirty areas.
Clean Up and slurry the remains after stone is clean.
Follow Up with
1500 Grit Diamond by Gorilla Pads
on your dry surface.
The Final step is
3000 Grit Diamond by
Gorilla Pads

which will create the ultimate
shine on your concrete or terrazzo floors.

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Hand Polisher/Grinder

Counter Top/Stairs Polishing & Grinding

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The Janilink Multi-Function Propane Machine Will Poish and Shine
Your Concrete and Marble Floors and more!!
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Shine and Polish Concrete

This Machine Will Polish Your Marble

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