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2 Section Extension Lambswool Duster - Blue.

Lambswool Dusters
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2 Section Extension Duster Blue
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- Size : 45.5 inch
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Lambswool Duster - 2 section

Item # 150103  
Excellent size of volume and density
You can see the significant difference when it compared with other company's products. 100% Natural. Will not scrctch the finest surface. Ideal for the car.

    2 section handle Lambswool duster
    Excellent size of volume and density
    100% Nature
    Blue hides dirt best
    Janilink Lambswool duster is washable
    Heavy Industrial Joint

Natural lambswool offers exceptional dusting power. A light static charge, a web of fibers and natural oils work together to attract and hold dust until spun free. The Dust Wand is available in a full range of models designed for virtually every dusting application; all are manufactured with thick premium selected wool skins, featuring rugged plastic handles, and solid construction. Dust Wand is effective ondesks, light fixtures, ornaments, books, store fixtures, furniture, office equipment, shelving, glass, window covering and so many other surfaces. They are used regularly in homes, offices, hotels, airports, retail stores, restaurants, meeting and exhibition halls, hospitals, factories, sports facilities and schools.
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2 section handle
  Reaches further and polishes as it dusts. A must for Venetian blinds.  


Blue hides dirt best

See both blue and white lambwood dusters and find which color duster looks clean after sweep on same dirty surface.



Hygenic & washable

Wash in warm soapy water. When dry, spin handle between palms of hands to retain original fullness.



Heavy Industrial Joint


JANILINK product

Joint is easliy fars apart and breakable


Longer life. Not easy to break like other products does.


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Product Code : 150103
- Size : 45.5 inch

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