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Janilink T-EB30.

Small Push Sweepers
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JL T-EB30 Battery Sweeper
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Janilink T-EB30
Janilink T-EB30 
Manual Sweeper    
WEIGHT 4.4 lbs.
DIMENSIONS 9.8” x 11.8” x 43.3”

* Specifications are subject to change without notice.    


When a vacuum is too inconvenient and a broom is too time consuming,Janilink's T-EB 30 will deliver the clean sweep you need in just minutes. The battery operated, motorized EB T-30 mini-sweeper operates at 56 dBa (lower than the volume level of normal conversation) and can be successfully used in hotels, restaurants, retail stores, dressing rooms,movie theaters, cafeterias,waiting rooms, and building lobbies where quiet operation is a necessity.
Staying Power

The EB 30 comes with a removable 7.2 volt rechargeable Ni-Mh battery, and a single battery charger that provides a full charge in just 12 hours. As an alternative, you can purchase a 50 minute quick charger. When a quick charger is combined with multiple batteries, you’ll get the ability to clean in a virtually continuous man-ner.
Operator Friendly

At 12” wide, it has a nicely sized cleaning path while remaining maneuverable. At just a shade over 4 pounds, it’s extremely lightweight, thereby lessening operator fatigue and allowing for superior mobility and flexibility of use. The handle is adjustable with an ergonomic grip and can be locked into an upright position for easy storage.

The powerful brush head sweeps debris into an easily removable 1-liter (0.26-gallon) bin.The EB 30 is incredibly dura-ble and includes a rugged polypropylene base with built-in injection molded rubber bumper to minimize damage to walls and furniture. Make sweeping chores fast, efficient and noise-free. The EB 30. Quicker than a vacuum cleaner, more effective than a broom.
Flexible, universal joint Easily installed battery Changeable roller brush Easy to remove dustpan
Handle articulates, providi- ng superior aneuverability Changing batteries is a breeze Requires no tools and allows hairs, threads, etc. to be rem- oved quickly and easily Provides convenient rear access with large capacity
  1. Ergonomic Grip
  Enclosed grip allows for multiple
hand positioning.

2. Telescopic Handle
  Adjusts quickly and easily to
accommodate users’ height.

3. Universal joint
  Allows for flexible operation.
Easy maneuverability in small
spaces and hard-to-reach areas.
Handle can be locked into the
upright position for compact
storage and can be removed
from the base attachment.

4. Built to Last
  Rugged polypropylene base with
non-marking injection molded rubber
bumper built right in.

5. Optional spare battery
  Rechargeable 7.2-volt battery
powers the EB for up to an hour
per charge*.
*Additional batteries can be
purchased, along with a battery
quick-charger that takes only 50
minutes to charge.

6. Foot activated on/off switch
  Eliminates stooping and makes use
effortless, convenient and fast.
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