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JL professional window cleaning kit.

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JL professional window cleaning kit
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JL Professional Window Squeegee Kit

Professional grade window squeegee With sponge, telescoping handle, sky blue and squeegee. High quality squeegee blade leaves no streaks on the glass. The Squeegee blade does not crack, strip, or loose its flexibility for a long time. This squeegee has threads that are designed to work with standard threaded handles

The telescoping handle makes it easier for people to clean windows without the use of a latter. The extendable handle can reach and addition 6 feet from your arm's reach. Light weight and easy to carry.

This sponge is very absorbent and soft, it is perfect for many cleaning applications, but it is used here primarily keep the squeegee blade clean while wiping down glass. it prevents the squeegee from being dirty and redistributing the dirt on the glass surface.

Sky Blue is a Janilink exclusive professional glass cleaner, now available in the quart size. This will leave not artifacts or streaks in the glass like other glass cleaners.
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Try one , the #1 rubber window squeegee blade in the world used by most high rise window cleaners. Very Cost Effective
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