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High Speed Buffer, High Speed Floor Buffing Machine - 1500 RPM.

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JL Premium III 17" 1500 RPM
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JL Premium I 17" High Speed 1500 RPM
Janilink burnishers can achieve a faster shine than other burnishers on the market, Try one and you will see the difference right away, or your money back! Janilink Ultra High Speed 17" 1500-RPM Floor Buffer is a 1.5 hp Floor Burnishing Machine. Constructed out of steel parts, this machine is a industrial grade equipment and has great durability. The unit features a Flexible pad holder and Pad centering clamp. Remarkably easy to handle, they are the perfect choice for small and large areas. Using a 3/4 or 1.0 horsepower floor polishing machine is inadequate for most floor jobs. 1.5 horsepower makes this high speed floor buffer the floor machine of choice. Perfectly weighted and balanced, these machines are easy to control and do not shake or vibrate when in use, even at its full speed at 1500 RPM. This machine also includes a 5 year warranty on the motor!
Our High Speed Floor Buffers are built to last as it is constructed of high quality steel. We've sold thousands of our JL Premium I 17" Floor Machines over the past 30 Years. We haven't had any mechanical issues with these machines. That's why we are able to offer a 5 year warranty for our Janilink yellow floor burnishers. You can use this 17" Multi-function high Speed Floor Buffer for many years with peace of mind because it's built with steel parts in the USA, NOT inferior plastic or cast iron ones from other countries.
"WET LOOK" SHINE. Full pad-to-floor contact for a higher gloss. No compensating caster so you can get right up to the baseboards All metal parts stand up to years of wear and tear Thumb activated safety interlock switch prevents accidental start-up 1500 RPM burnisher provides the best results on all types of floor finishes and all types of burnishing pads.
How to achieve Maximum Shine!

  • (1)Using the High speed burnisher, burnish the floor using the Spray Mister 2000 polish a gorilla pad, or any other coarse hog hair buffing pad. This will slightly scratch the floor.
  • (2)Once the floor has been buffed, repeat the buffing process with a gorilla lite or any other soft floor polishing pad instead of the the coarse gorilla pad.
  • Includes 4 non-marking wheels that allow for easy transport when the machine is not in use, this also helps increase the life of the pad. If not in use, never leave the weight of the machine to push down on the pad.

    Flexible pad holder allows for maximum contact on all floors, where it is uneven or not. In addition, the teeth dig in the pad ensuring that there isn't any slippage between the pad and its holder. This pad holder never gets loose, never comes out and never breaks. This is a coming problem for most modern machines that screw on the pad holder.
    Stability wheel
    Unlike other floor burnishers, JL floor machines don't need an extra wheel for added stability while in operation. Janilink's machine is well designed and well balanced where operation of the machine is effortless and easy, there is no vibration. In addition, without an extra wheel for stability, the machine distributes all of its weight evenly on the pad that is uses, this ensures a faster and deeper shine!
    Pad Size 17"
    Motor power output 1.5 horsepower
    Amp draw 14.9 amps
    RPM 1500 RPM
    Weight 91 LBS
    Drive V-Belt
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